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Academy Performance

Haven High Academy Examination Results 2021-2022

Key Stage 4 (GCSE and Vocational Courses)

Progress 8 -0.23
Attainment 8 37.3
Basics L2 (5+ in English & Maths 24%
Pupils entered for English Baccalaureate 11%
EBacc average point score 3.05
Pupils Staying in education or employment after key stage 4 (destinations) 92%

School Performance

Assessment For Learning

Assessment is intrinsic to teaching and learning, and when used effectively and skilfully, leads to our young people securing a deeper knowledge and understanding of the curriculum we deliver at Haven High Academy.

The Assessment and Reporting systems in place at Haven High Academy allow us to analyse any data collected on a wider scale to identify strengths and areas of development to ultimately ensure our students make maximum progress. In order to achieve this, it is vital that students, along with parents and carers, fully understand their current position in each subject, are clear about why they are performing at that grade, and what they need to do to develop their knowledge and understanding further to progress to the next grade and beyond.

Target Setting

Each student is set an end of year target. Each target is based on the students’ KS2 data (SATs in reading and mathematics). For Years 8 to 11, targets are adjusted according to progress they have made since joining the academy. Additionally, in Years 9 to 11, students studying a vocational subject are set an end of KS4 Target for that subject. This target does not change for the remainder of their time at the academy.


There are three Assessment Points for each year group during the course of the academic year. At each, teachers will use a range of evidence (classwork, homework and Iterative Tests) to decide upon a current working grade for each student – this is known as the Assessment Point grade (AP1, AP2 and AP3). Recent changes to the national landscape of assessment (removal of National Curriculum Levels in favour of scaled scores at KS2, and new, more challenging GCSE specifications at KS4) have influenced the grading system we now use in all year groups.

Students are awarded grades from 9 to 1 (with 9 being the highest grade possible at GCSE, equivalent to above an old grade A*) with added grades from a to d included to indicate students working towards a grade 1.

  • A grade 7 is aligned to an old grade A.
  • The government deems a grade 5 to be a “strong pass” at GCSE.
  • A grade 4 is aligned to an old grade C. The government deems this to be a “standard pass” at GCSE.
  • A grade 1 is aligned to an old grade G.

Each grade is divided into three sub-grades: eg. 5-, 5 and 5+.

5+ Working at the top of a grade 5, the student has mastered the skills and knowledge associated with grade 5.
5 Working in the middle of a grade 5, the student has secured the skills and knowledge associated with grade 5.
5- Working at the bottom of a grade 5, the student is developing the skills and knowledge associated with grade 5.