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Jobs directly related to sports include:

Sports Faculty Curriculum Statement

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people like little else does. It speaks to youth in a way that they understand.”

Nelson Mandela


The Sports Faculty at Haven High Academy aims to promote Passion in sport, forged in a mutual Respect for others. We aim to Inspire and allow learners to encourage each other through effective participation. Students will be instilled with the Drive in order to Excel within core and examination PE. PRIDE


(The above INTENT is our mission statement and is displayed prominently within the Faculty)

During their time at Haven High Academy, we want our students to gain an appreciation for sport and realise the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle. We introduce a theoretical element into Key Stage 3 lessons to enhance the students’ knowledge and understanding of sport and prepare those students that will continue onto our Btec Sport course. Alongside this, we highlight the importance of ‘life skills’ such as teamwork, resilience, confidence and communication to name but a few, and how these can be developed and demonstrated through sport.

As a faculty, we want to inspire students to develop positive attitudes towards sport, their health and lifestyle habits. We aim to prepare students for the rigours of BTEC sport by working closely with our feeder schools and using BTEC style questions in our lessons and assessments; all Year 7&8 follow are largely practical Core PE curriculum with some additional focus on BTEC style content, to ensure a smooth transition to their BTEC studies in years 9, 10 and 11, should they wish to choose this option.

Home learning plays an integral part in what we want the students to know and develop. Knowledge Organisers: students are asked to learn what is on them and are regularly tested in class using low stakes tests/quizzes. They are also given other tasks e.g. exam questions to complete or key facts to learn. Years 7&8 complete specific Core PE KO’s (which are specific to the sports/activities that they study). Btec Sport students follow KO content specific to each of the four units which contribute to the examination and coursework required. Another part of Home Learning is our offer of an extensive and varied Extra-Curricular programme. Participation is open to all students, regardless of ability, confidence or prior knowledge. Students are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding ‘outside’ of the classroom and these opportunities are key to building on what they have already learnt in both Core PE and Btec Sport lessons.



In Year 7 the students study a large variety of different sports/activities, with a focus on developing their knowledge, skills and understanding in these different activities. They are also ‘drip fed’ knowledge of the different Components of Fitness (Btec Sport)

In Year 8, the students repeat the same variety of sports/activities covered in Year 8. The emphasis here is on building upon their accomplishments in the previous year. They also learn essential Btec Sport content, which is all based around Leadership.

Our year 7 and 8 pupils are on a mastery curriculum, where we teach fewer concepts but in greater depth, allowing pupils to have stronger foundations. Mastery focuses on three elements: first, the principal of fluency, ensuring students have grasp of the fundamentals. Secondly is reasoning, the ability for students to be able to talk what they are doing and why. Thirdly problem solving, once students are fluent and can apply reasoning these can be then used to address and solve problems.

We use a variety of differentiated tasks and equipment to allow students to develop at their own pace but stretch and challenge are also evident in all lessons to create and competitive culture. Mixed sex ability PE groups are used for all students in KS3, which allows for allows students to work alongside similar ability students but also gain an appreciation for how different sports can impact/effect boys/girls in different ways.


In Key Stage 4, students have the option of choosing to study the BTEC First Award in Sport (Edexcel, Pearson)

The exam board published textbooks, resources and sample materials are used in conjunction with a vast array of other resources produced by staff within the faculty and through our extensive contact of schools both locally (South Lincolnshire Schools Sports Association) and nationally via the Youth Sport Trust and professional networking.

During Core PE all students are given more ‘choice’ about what activities they wish to participate in but under certain ‘guidance & support’ from staff. These choices are designed to ‘inspire’ students and take added responsibility for their development throughout KS4. As a faculty we are always looking to adapt and change our offer of activities to suit their ever-changing multitude of ‘new & innovative’ sports/activities that are introduced around the world. Two distinct pathways are offered; Participation and Leadership.


Summative assessments happen three times a year in all year groups.

Core PE – At the start of key stage 3 all students undergo ‘Baseline Assessments’, specific to different skills/sports. Also the ‘ME in PE’ model is used to support the assessment framework but most importantly allow students to easily know what level they are working at how to improve.

In BTEC Sport – past papers or questions are used to allow students to become familiar with the format of the questions they will be required to answer in the examination.

In addition, throughout all year groups low stakes testing and formative assessments are frequently used in all lessons. This is done to gauge students understanding on not only current topics but the recall of prior knowledge /topics taught.