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Uniform Policy

Academy Uniform (as of Monday, 19th February, 2024) 

At Haven High Academy, we are mindful of the cost of uniform, and the pressures that teenagers feel as they mature. Therefore, we have tried to be flexible in our approach to ensure a sense of belonging and community as well as being cost effective and allowing our young people a sense of individuality. We are also mindful of the fact that we need to make sure that all students are kept safe, and this is the rationale behind decisions on jewellery, false nails and hoodies. 

Below is a breakdown of the school uniform at Haven High Academy:

We run a tiered uniform within the Academy with Year 7 and 8 students wearing black V necked jumpers and Years 9 to 11 wearing blazers. All students are required to wear Haven High Academy ties. 

Trousers and skirts should be black and tailored. Black tailored, knee length shorts would also be acceptable in the summer term. No jeans, lycra, leggings or jeggings. Tights should be black. Shirts should be white with a collar that can take a tie. 

Years 7 and 8:

Years 9, 10 and 11:


Please note the following points (we respect individuality, but we need to ensure health and safety within a school setting): 

  • Any jewellery allowed must be easily removable when required at certain lessons or events such as PE or Motor mechanics or Hair and Beauty or any other times when requested. This is to ensure no accidents happen. Students need to comply quickly with no arguments. 

  • Ear studs may be worn but no hoops or anything that is loose or dangly. Anything that cannot be removed easily is also not permitted e.g. spacers. 

  • Rings may be worn but must be flat with no sharp edges. 

  • One simple nose stud (no rings or hoops), that can be easily removed, can be worn. All other facial jewellery is strictly forbidden. 

  • Bracelets may be worn but should be removed when asked in certain situations such as PE lessons. Students need to comply immediately. 

  • Students should not have an extreme hairstyle or wear excessive make-up. Please note that it is staff who shall decide what is extreme or excessive. 

  • Any student with hair longer than collar length may be asked to tie their hair up in certain circumstances if deemed unsafe, e.g. using a Bunsen burner in science, PE lessons, etc. 

  • No gel or acrylic nails (these can potentially cause harm to the wearer or to others e.g. PE and cannot be easily removed). Clear or natural nail varnish is permitted. 

  • All students need to have a bag for books etc 

  • Please make sure all items are clearly marked with student’s name 

  • Footwear should be flat, plain and smart. They should be all black with no secondary colours 

  • Socks maybe black, navy, dark grey or white as block colours with no writing. 

  • Coats/jackets must not be worn in class unless permitted by a staff member in cold circumstances. Coat hoods should never be up inside the building. 

  • Students in Year 9 and above may wear a jumper or sweatshirt which should be either black, navy or dark grey. These must be plain with no writing or logos (a very small logo in the top corner may be allowed if hidden under the blazer). 

  • Under no circumstances may hoodies be worn (the one exception to this will be leavers’ hoodies worn from the beginning of May – hoods cannot be worn up on school site).  

  • Hats, caps and balaclava masks should not be worn within the Academy. 

PE Kit (Boys and Girls):      
  • Plain black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms 

  • Plain House Colour long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt or House Colour polo shirt 

  • Plain House Colour sweat top (no hoody tops) 

  • Plain black football socks (for outdoor wear) 

  • Trainers (non-marking sole) (no plimsolls) 

  • Football boots 

  • Shin pads are strongly recommended 

School Uniform can be obtained from Nationwide School Uniforms and Downtown Stores. No stocks are kept in school. 

Downtown Superstore, Boston, Wyberton Chain Bridge, Boston PE21 7NL.

To visit Nationwide School Uniforms' website for Haven High Academy uniform
please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the expectations, please contact the school.