A very warm welcome back to our remarkable students and staff of years gone by! Our ever-evolving school may look a little different now but at our heart, we are still a happy, high achieving, inclusive, diverse and dynamic learning centre.

We’ve seen so many exceptional people through our doors. Today we celebrate your successes in careers as varied as the military, law, geology, medicine, teaching, marketing, hospitality and physiotherapy – with many entrepreneurs among you too! We hear that parenthood plays a huge part in your lives, with many either focusing their time on their children, or juggling work and parenthood. Whatever you’ve been up to since you left, we’d love to hear! Please join our community.

Whatever you’ve been up to since you left, we’d love to hear from you! So, why not connect via LinkedIn and Facebook, or drop us an email.  If you have joined LinkedIn add Haven High Academy to your Education profile by following these steps:  Go to your profile,  add us. You’ll know you’ve done it properly because when you start typing us in, the school logo should come up. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to build up connections with Haven High alumni more easily.

Previous Students and their achviements



Currently in my third year studying technical theatre course at the University of Salford.

Throughout my time at Haven High my love for theatre continued to grow. Once realising that being a performer is not a future for me, Mr Patman and Miss Green helped me understand that there are plenty of other career options in theatre that don’t involve performing on a stage. I was introduced to stage management and with my skill set such as being organised, I found my dream profession which would still let me be a part of the theatre community. I am Currently in my last few months at University. During my time here I have discovered many more roles in theatre and have gained the skill of learning how to create stage designs understand the function of other departments and continue to discover more plays and practitioners, During my time at Haven allowed me to understand the importance of theatre practitioners and the influence their work has in performances.


– Currently studying Business (Team Entrepreneurship) at Bishop Grosseteste University
– Will be starting MA Continental Philosophy in September
– Co-run an ethical consultancy ( and been doing Diversity and Inclusion workshops in the UK and Netherlands since 2018
– Awarded one of Lincolnite’s “30 Under 30” in 2019
– Curator for TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool and did my own TEDxYouth talk in 2018

Taking Performing Arts at Haven High Academy gave me the confidence to help express my self freely and the continued confidence going into new projects and business work.

I learnt through practice how to work collectively with different people and understanding my own role in those relationships. Also, to see the joy in the little things, taking conversations and work and finding the creativity and fun in everyday things.


Haven High gave me the skills and confidence to pursue a career in the arts leading me to join my top choice drama school Italia Conti on their BA Musical Theatre Course. I am now in my third year preparing to gain agent representation before hopefully working within the industry. My biggest achievement to date would be landing 4 named parts, ensemble and assistant dance captain for my third-year musical ‘Legally Blonde’ as well as building a plentiful and intimate network with respected performers and creatives alike.