Catch up the Haven High Academy Way

We have a range of programmes and initiatives that students are engaged with to support their catch up and progress here at Haven High Academy.

My Tutor

We have worked with My Tutor as part of the National Tutoring Programme to deliver small group sessions for Year 10 students with no more than 4 students with a tutor in a core subject. This tutor time is delivered as part of an extended school day for those taking part. Studies have shown that this support helps improve pupils progress by one whole grade over the course of the 12 sessions.

My Tutor 2020 Impact Report reveals the difference online tuition programmes have made, showing that:

• 90% of pupils felt they’d improved in their subject thanks to their MyTutor sessions
• 92% of teachers would recommend MyTutor to another school
• 100% of teachers felt well-supported throughout their programmes
• In 2019, pupils made 1 whole grade of progress after 1 term of MyTutor sessions – 2.5x the progress of their peers


Breakfast/Reading Club

We have offered the opportunity for our Year 7 students to attend a breakfast club at our Tollfield Campus, during which they get a healthy breakfast and supported reading time. This is part of our drive to help our students gain confidence in reading and to foster a love of reading for pleasure.

Got a student at Haven High Academy in year 7 and you are interested in signing up? Call our front office to book your place: 01205 311979


GL Assessments

These were carried out on all KS3 students and Year 10 students on the SEND register. They have helped us to identify any lost learning and to plan interventions and support to ensure that no child is left behind.

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Beaconsfield Tutoring Programme

Haven High Academy have formed a peer support programme with The Beaconsfield School. This allows our students to engage with other students who have excelled in their focus core subject area and are now in sixth form. This is proving to be a supportive and exciting initiative that not only supports progress but also excellence and aspirational further education plans.

Student Testimonials

In terms of English Literature teaching this was really helpful and beneficial for my learning. The sixth formers on call are really helpful and able to support me in all areas of the subject. They gave me lots of new ideas and I can see myself learning from this expereince. – Sophie

This expereince is helpful as it can provide extra help in areas you need most support in. This can be one-to-one mentoring giving you the time with people who have recently done their GCSEs. They provide a type of support a teacher cannot in my eyes due to their firsthand expereince doing the exams and subjects. – Star

Skills Academy

A 10-session targetted reading intervention programme that improves reading, getting the pupils engaged and motivated, helping students find their reason to read today. As part of this intervention, they will be learning to beatbox which will help improve their oracy skills. This is delivered in groups of 10 to our Year 7 students and we have planned a celebration assembly where they can demonstrate their new beatboxing skills and increased confidence in reading.

Summer School

The Summer School has been offered to all Year 6 students who will be making the transition to Haven high Academy. It will include a range of different activities which will help build their confidence and understanding of our school values. The activities are designed to offer the children the opportunity to experience of learning through enrichment and learning through teamwork and alternative methods of communication.

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Study and Support

This was offered earlier than previous years for our Year 10 cohort who managed to access an amazing 2.200 study and support sessions in the first 4 weeks. The sessions are designed to help build knowledge and confidence across their chosen GCSE subjects that will help improve their grades and performance within the classroom. Targeted sessions are available in the subjects to cover topics that students are less confident with.



Nearpod is an interactive tool that we have invested in to help pupils access their lessons if they are in a position where they need to self-isolate or have a period of absence. Nearpod is an online that Haven High Academy are also using to help students access extra ways to study and to complete homework.