Individual Liberty  

Elizabeth Fry was a humanitarian who fought to improve conditions in prisons at a time when they were so poor that many people died what while serving their sentence.  

In addition, she set up night shelters for the homeless and training schools for nurses which helped to inspire the likes of Florence Nightingale. Individual liberty is an important aspect of our academy and is the protection of your own rights and the rights of those around you. It is having the freedom to do something and being allowed to decide for yourself what actions to take or not take. Having the freedom to do something doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to do. Individual liberty is about everyone having the freedom to make their own choices. 

A Fry House Welcome

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Mrs Tabor decided to pursue her passion for music at the age of 14. She started with keyboard lessons and at the age of 15 began vocal and theory lessons. Whilst studying for her A Levels at Sixth form, Mrs Tabor performed in a tour of Australia for a month. The show, written and developed by the staff and studentswas titled “BucketHead” and was all about a boy with Asperger’s syndrome. 

She completed many music grades in a short space of time during her A Levels, whilst working to pay for her tuition and having heart surgery! This was her dream, and nothing was going to stop her from achieving her goal of going to university to study music.  

Mrs Tabor studied Pop Music Performance, specialising in vocals, at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. At university she had the opportunity to perform in many bands, completed a licentiate in teaching and even wrote her own album!  

After graduating Mrs Tabor started her career as a private Music Tutor and vocal coach, working in local primary and secondary schools in her hometown of Kings Lynn. She worked for Yamaha Music, co-managing a private music school and piloting one of their new vocal courses across the UK. She has also worked for Theatretrain, a company that teach students how to dance, act and sing, boosting their confidence and developing skills they can apply to many scenarios as well as just performing. During her time working self-employed, Mrs Tabor has been a part of shows and organising events in her local area as well as at venues such as the 02 arena and The Royal Albert Hall. She even danced in front of a sell-out audience at the 02 arena along with her students! 

Mrs Tabor is passionate about performing and has worked with many different bands, being on album launches, performing at festivals and still regularly gigging in a function band. 

After training as a teacher, Mrs Tabor started working at Haven High Academy and has been at the school since 2016. She is a proud member of the school, Arts faculty and now leader of Fry House. 

The core British Value of Fry House is Individual Liberty, something that Mrs Tabor feels passionately about. The fry House Patron Elizabeth Fry and Mrs Tabor are Both local to Norwich (Mrs Tabor is a huge NCFC fan and from Norfolk) they both believe that there is good in everyone and that every individual deserves the right to have equal opportunity.  Never one to be sat around Mrs Tabor has big plans for Fry to be victorious, so watch this space!   

Butterfly Hospice 

The Role of the Butterfly Hospice Trust, based in Boston Lincolnshire, is to provide palliative care and holistic support to patients and their families. 

The Butterfly Hospice trust is dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients and families facing life-limiting illness by providing choice, care and support in a hospice setting. 

When you or someone you care about is seriously ill, you want to know that they are getting the best possible care and treatments. They do too. The hospice provides free 24-hour patient care to those who need it most. 

Their care teams include doctors, nurses, therapists, and spiritual support. It is their aim to provide the best possible personalised care 24 hours a day for the duration of someone’s stay. The unit in Boston is staffed by a clinical team with specialised skill sin dealing with the physical and emotional effects of life limiting illnesses including cancer, heart disease and neurological conditions. 

Total Money Raised


Donations are vital to the ongoing work of the butterfly hospice. 

The butterfly Hospice costs £600,000 a year to run so every pound raised for them really counts. Last year they supported over 160 families through their difficult time. 

The Butterfly Hospice links perfectly with Fry House’s core value of Individual Liberty as it allows patients to make decisions about their care and how the spend their remaining lives. It gives them the opportunity to live a dignified and fulfilled existence which they can enjoy with family and friends within the hospice. The individual liberty of patients is key to the hospice which provides a vital service in our community. 

How our fundraising can help; £7 provides quality food for one patient for a day. £100 pays for housekeeping for a day, £500 pays for gardening equipment to maintain the hospice grounds over the course of a year. Last year’s Bag pack raised over £600 for Butterfly hospice and the total raised by Fry House for The Butterfly Hospice will hopefully continue to grow in the future.