Anti Bullying

Please click here to access our Anti-Bullying Policy.

Definition of bullying “Behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally”. Bullying is therefore deliberately hurtful, repeated often over a period of time. Bullying can take many forms but the main types are:

  • Physical – hitting, kicking, and taking belongings
  • Verbal – name calling, insulting, making offensive remarks
  • Indirect – spreading nasty stories about someone, exclusion from social groups, being made the subject of malicious rumours, sending malicious emails or text messages on
    mobile phones
  • Cyber-bullying, aggression using electronic forms of contact such as e-mail, text, chat rooms, social network, social messaging, online gaming
  • Coercion – forcing somebody to do something they do not want to do

We treat bullying very seriously at Haven High Academy, it is simply an act that we find unacceptable. We have created a confidential line where you can report any incidents of bullying. These reports will be answered promptly and any incident reported will be investigated and acted upon swiftly by a member of our Senior Leadership Team. Click here if you wish to report a case of bullying.

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