The Future Zone


Hello and welcome to the Future Zone where you can find information about the opportunities available to you when you graduate from Haven High Academy. My name is Kimberley Pickersgill and I will be here in the Future Zone for you to drop in after school and during break and lunch. If you want more of a sit-down chat, you can also make an appointment to see me for a bit longer. Parents can make an appointment too if they would like to discuss your options. I will also be available at most Parents’ Evenings and Y8 Options Evening.

In the Future Zone you won’t only find information about careers, you can find information on every step of your career journey, from Year 8 options, college or sixth form pathways, university choices and apprenticeships. You can also find out about employability skills and get help with CVs and applications.

Here at Haven High Academy, we believe that showing you the almost limitless number of options you have for your future will help you find a goal to aim for, and with this goal in mind, achieve your potential in whichever direction you decide to go. We will support you in your choices, but we will challenge your thinking to ensure you have explored all opportunities available, even some you didn’t know existed or thought were ‘for somebody else’. We want you to become more than you ever thought you could be, and to grasp more than you ever thought you could reach. We believe in you. We hope you do too.


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We recognise the importance of effective Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) for young people and we expect all our students to develop high aspirations and eventually move into a wide range of ambitious careers.

We aim to ensure that every student that comes through our doors, regardless of background or individual need, leaves equipped with the resilience, ability and drive to move confidently down a path of their own choosing and become happy and successful citizens of the future.

We are committed to following the Department of Education’s Careers Strategy, the statutory guidance on careers education and have met all 8 of the Gatsby Benchmarks, as recommended by Sir John Holman. We also achieved  Career Mark, a Quality in Career Standard award in 2019.

In order to do this, we make our students aware of as many opportunities as we can, throughout the year and across the year groups. We do this through employer visits, guest speakers, work experience, FE and HE provider talks, in assemblies, workshops, and in form time. We also employ a dedicated Careers Leader who is responsible for overseeing the school careers programme and communicating this with SLT, Governors, parents/careers and employers and can help provide students with dedicated careers education sessions and independent and impartial advice and guidance regarding their career decisions.

We will measure our success at the end of each year through our students’ destinations. This will be reflected in higher numbers progressing to appropriate level courses, apprenticeships and other positive destinations such as employment with training. We will also measure impact by gathering feedback from students, teachers and parents/carers for specific events, and through the atmosphere, attainment and behaviour around the school which will come from having goals and working to achieve them.

For further information please contact our Careers Leader and Director of Aspirations, Mrs Kimberley Pickersgill  or call on 01205 311797.


Current Careers Programme

Year 7 –  It’s never too early to think about your future

  • aspirations assembly – LincHigher
  • university visit
  • Who am I?


Year 8

  • Aspirations assembly – LincHigher
  • Big Bang Fair
  • options assembly
  • options evening
  • 1-1 guidance interview if requested, parents too

Year 9

  • Aspirations assembly – LincHigher
  • NEC Birmingham World Skills show trip
  • Goal mapping sessions
  • Building resilience
  • Mock Trial – court room experience
  • Haven High Enterprise project
  • Let’s Pitch it – enterprise project

Year 10

  • 1-1 Personal Careers Guidance Interviews
  • Aspirations assembly – LincHigher
  • FE information and taster days
  • HE information and taster days
  • Apprenticeship talk
  • Work experience
  • Employability Skills workshops
  • Haven High Enterprise project

Year 11

  • 1-1 Personal Careers Guidance Interviews and follow ups
  • Aspirations assembly – LincHigher
  • Post 16 options assemblies and provider talks
  • Apprenticeship talk
  • Destinations fair
  • Employability Skills workshops
  • CV and application support

All year groups

  • Careers Education and Employability Skills covered during form time and as part of the Social Studies curriculum.
  • National Careers Week activities
  • Internal careers fairs
  • Future Zone at break, lunch or by appointment
  • KUDOS career planning tool/platform
  • Drop-in Q and A sessions with guest speakers


Approval and review Approved: Nov 2021

Next review: Sept 2022