Head of Academy Introduction

Welcome to Haven High

I am privileged to introduce myself as the Head of Haven High Academy and take my responsibility for educating other people’s children extremely seriously.  Our core purpose is to provide students with a world class education to ensure that they enter the world of work or higher education with the required skills to be successful.  We care passionately about each individual member of the Academy community and take great pride in working together as a team to ensure individual success is achieved.

I recognise that in these ever-changing times, education is more important and relevant than it has ever been.  We have to prepare our students, in many cases for employment that does not yet even exist.  To that end we must develop adaptable, flexible and intelligent citizens of the future.  My team at Haven High Academy pledge that all students will have the opportunity to succeed and will go the extra mile to ensure that each student is supported on their journey to greatness.

We operate in a competitive environment and know that success at GCSE examination stage is really important.  Our committed and professional staff will work with students of all abilities to ensure that they make progress and prepare them for their future journey.  Our Future Zone will educate students about employment opportunities and our Social Studies programme will provide them with meaningful life goals.

School should be enjoyable and we know that happy students are more likely to be successful.  It is our responsibility to bring out our students’ talents, to broaden their interests and to develop their personal qualities.  Our formal curriculum and co-curricular activities will provide students with the opportunity to fully develop their talents.

We will work intelligently and collaboratively in partnership with all members of the Academy community to provide a remarkable experience for our students.  I look forward to the future with optimism knowing that we will embrace innovation and new opportunities.


Mr M L Van Lier

Head of Academy


To provide a world-class education for all students to enable them to reach their true potential in a safe and supported environment. They will graduate from Haven High Academy with the skills required to ensure they are successful citizens of the future.


Ethos and Values

Haven High Academy is proud to be an academy with a culture of high expectations which are embedded in a strong sense of value and family. We are not an academy based around individual rules and regulations but rather one of mutual respect, care and the values of PRIDE.  We created these values of progress, resilience, integrity, disciplined and excellence and everything that we do is supported by that simple but immensely powerful pneumonic.

Students and staff understand and support the spirit of the academy, as a result, our diverse family live in harmony together and all stakeholders are focused on the most important aspect of a “world-class education”. We all understand the competitive nature of the working world and endeavour to provide the skills, knowledge and understanding to our students to enable them to be “successful citizens of the future”.

We recognise the importance of developing the “whole child” and have created a culturally rich curriculum which supports students in both their academic and co-curricular pathways. We are committed and determined to provide an outstanding quality of education for the students of Boston. Our approach to character education is unique often leading to the development of life skills which are no longer considered by all to be part of mainstream education, but we know they are vital.

We strive to deliver complex ideas and strategies in a way that is accessible to everyone and ensure the safe and efficient operation of our academy. Our culture is based around the principle of “continuous improvement” and to that end, the students have a key voice in determining the future direction of the school.

We have 6 pillars of improvement based on the concept of progress.

Pillars of Improvement at Haven High 2019/2020


Raising Aspiration to Drive Progress

Reward to Drive Progress

Use of Curriculum to Drive Progress

Forensic Use of Data to Drive Progress

Learning & Teaching to Drive Progress

Use of Intervention to Drive Progress

Ethos and Values

Welcome to the Boston Witham Academies Federation, a federation of nine schools each based in the heart of their community.  

Mission Statement:

‘To create a centre of excellence with and for the community which raises the aspirations and achievement of all stakeholders, to provide support, care, guidance, challenge and empowerment for all.’

The Federation prides itself on working in partnership to enhance the life experiences and chances of all the children and young people who come through our doors. Each academy works tirelessly to deliver a comprehensive, broad and flexible curriculum designed to meet the needs of all our children and young people.  Partnership is not simply a word for the Federation but truly an ethos.  We believe that every child matters and our motto reflects our commitment to give our children the best start in life.  Parents, carers and the wider community are welcomed into every academy to form part of the vital support needed to create the adults of the future.  We place great emphasis on creating a caring environment for your child that will support them in their personal development, meet their needs, and ensure that all children and young people have the opportunity not only to reach but also to exceed their potential.