Tollfield Campus – A Bespoke Approach to Year 7 at Haven High Academy

We are delighted to introduce you to our bespoke Year 7 campus based at Tollfield Road in Boston. Education of the students is our core purpose and we are passionate about providing a safe, stimulating and inspiring environment where children regardless of ability, interests or background are able to realise their true potential.

Progress is key and we recognise the challenges of transition from Primary to Secondary school. Our campus ethos has been shaped around a key piece of Government research “KS3: the wasted years”. We have shaped the curriculum to ensure that students who join HHA in Year 7 have an enjoyable and challenging experience that enables them to continue their trajectory of development and progress whilst ensuring a seamless transition from KS2. We recognise all children are different and leaders routinely modify and enhance the offer to maximise inclusivity and achievement in order to deliver a world class education.

We are extremely proud of our values of Progress, Resilience, Integrity, Disciplined and Excellence, they underpin everything we do and all that we expect. All students are expected to meet our exacting standards through developing those values as they transit through the academy and become world class citizens.

We take responsibility for developing the whole student and have a unique approach to developing their cultural capital through the completion of a Cultural Passport. This introduces students to a whole number of life skills e.g. ironing, sewing, polishing shoes, saying hello in 7 different languages and the list goes on. Students can aspire to achieve gold status and “graduate” during our annual celebration of achievement.

All students follow a rich and balanced curriculum which is underpinned by and equal too, or better than, the National Curriculum. In addition to the traditional English Baccalaureate subjects, the curriculum rightly includes a wide range of additional subjects such as drama, art, music, technology and sport to name a few. We have developed powerful relationships with local primary schools which ensure we have clarity around the end points of KS2 and the content required for the start of students new 5 year curriculum.

We have a unique relationship with the Lincolnshire Music Service, who are based at the Marian Road campus and to that end we are still able to offer free music lessons to students who wish to learn a musical instrument. Students can then participate in the many musical performances that take place across the year. Students have the opportunity to regularly showcase their talents on a variety levels; from performing in front of their peers in an assembly, to acting and singing in the annual production to playing in front of a large public audience in a renowned London theatre. The opportunities we offer are simply endless.

There is so much more that we could tell you about this campus but the best way is for you to visit at any time to see it in action for yourselves. Please ring Reception and in most cases we should be available for a campus tour on the same day.

Mr Thompson

Senior Leader I/C Tollfield

Miss McCrainor

Head of Year 7

Our Vision

To provide a world class education for all students to enable them to reach their true potential in a safe and supported environment. They will graduate from Haven High Academy with the skills required to ensure they are successful citizens of the future.