Important Academy Updates

The Prime Minister has announced that all schools will close on Friday the 20/03/2020  further notice.
He recognised that vulnerable children (EHCP) and those children of key workers should be provided with some form of child care / education, we will provide that.

Other students within the Acadmey will be taught using our remote learning platforms. We will ensure that the education of our learners is not impacted on. We will also ensure that steps are put in place to provide food to students that are in receipt of free school meals.

The following page will be used as a central location alongside our facebook page: HavenHighAcademy to provide you information, support and guidance and how we are supporting both our students and the local community.

Education Provision Plan

At Haven High Academy we will be using remote learning platforms to support our students with their studies. We will be using MS Teams, Classcharts and GCSEPod.

Here is an outline of the education provision for the next few weeks.

Co21 are on full “on line” timetable which will start via 365 teams on Monday 23 March starting 09:15. Students will receive their education remotely for the foreseeable future. They are expected to follow the normal daily timings with breaks and lunch. We will be able to see their attendance. All work is to be completed in Knowledge Organiser books which have been issued. This will be an intensive program and so there is no requirement to complete additional home learning after lessons.

Co22 will follow the same program of education which will start 30 March. Until then all students are expected to follow their normal timetable by accessing work through class charts.

Co23 and Co24 we will start your online program on Monday 20 April after the Easter holidays. Students will receive lessons in mathematics, English, science, history, geography and RE. We also will be offering enrichment lessons once a week so look out for these on a weekly update.

Any issues or lack of access please let us know by filling out the form on this page and we will see what we can do to help.


Children of Key Workers Updates

Children of Key Workers, in receipt of an EHCP, vulnerable children ( receive social worker support) update 20:30 hrs (19/3/2020)

The Government has not yet defined specifically the employment role of a key worker. So to keep it simple we have decided to offer “child care” provision for students whose parents are in key roles (Police, NHS, supermarket delivery drivers or equivalent type roles) who without this provision could not go to work. The Government have recognised the dangers of allowing elderly members of the family to look after young children.

Clearly all other children should stay at home to reduce the number of students gathering in one location to reduce the level of infection.

We need to collect student numbers so appropriate staffing arrangements can be made. If you are a key worker or have a vulnerable child please send an email to or phone Reception on 01205 311979 and tell them the name of your child, year group, your role, which days Mon-Friday they are planning to attend. The opening hours will be 09:30 AM to 3:30PM. We will do the rest👍 To clarify, you do not have to send your child if they would prefer to stay at home and are safe to do so, we just want to support our working community.
All students attending these sessions will need to bring packed lunches as our kitchen will be closed.
All sessions will take place at the Marian Road campus as the Tollfield Road campus will be closed.

Free School Meals Update

Free School Meals Update 20:00 hrs

Thank you for your comments. If you are unable to collect your vouchers in person we will be happy for someone else to collect them if you have authorised this by phone prior to collection. Just ring Reception to confirm the name of the person collecting and we will ask them to sign on your behalf. If you don’t have anyone to collect we will make the decision to drop off or send registered post on a case by case basis. We will make an announcement on FB as soon as they arrive.

Having any issues with our remote learning platforms at HHA? Don’t worry we will work our hardest to get you back on track.

Please complete the form below with as much detail as possible and it will be sent directly to Mr Bruce who is managing a lot of the remote learning content. it is very important you provide us with all of the required content so we can swiftly solve your issue and get back to you.#

If you want more information on remote learning at HHA please look at the next section of this page.

To support with the education of students at Haven High Academy we will be using a range of online platforms.

Plans for how the students will be educated using these platforms will be communicated regularly on this website and our Facebook page it is important you keep yourself up to date with what is happening within the Academy.

MS Teams

MS Teams is an communication tool that allows video conference calls, lesson resource sharing and discussions to take place.

Class Charts

Classcharts is our core tool for setting homework within the Academy. Teachers allocate homework to students at the Academy and this will pop up on their weekly calendar.

Below are some useful guides to get you started with this remote learning tool:




We have invested in an award-winning digital content and learning provider, called GCSEPod.

Pod Credentials:

  • Supporting students at KS4 for over 10 years
  • Used in over 1,300 schools worldwide
  • Recommended by the Association of School and College Leaders
  • Winner of multiple educational technology awards

Independent learning and revision materials:

  • 27 GCSE subjects.
  • Exam board specific playlists.
  • Available on computer, phone or tablet.
  • Apps available for Android and Apple.

Support Documents:

School Remote Learning Guides

The Acadmey may be paritally closed currently to students and staff but we have a duty of care to protect our young learners and provide them the world class pastoral support they would usally obtain while they are being taught within the Academy.

We have our pastoral team at hand to support students at this time of need with their concerns.

If you have an important concern that you feel needs to be addressed by our pastoral team please complete the form below. Please provide your full name, contact details, member of the pastoral team you would like to direct your concern towards and your concern. Please beware that using this service will securely send your information to all of our pastoral team members and they will deal with the concern inline with the safeguarding policy within the Academy.

Designated Safeguarding lead

if you have any safeguarding concerns please contact our DSL for support.

Mr Amaral

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 07942 542475

Student Mental Health Support

If you have any concerns or worries and want to talk to someone about it please contact us.

Mrs Sargeant


Telephone: 07942542466

Coronavirus Updates

Haven High Academy is monitoring daily updates and advice from the UK Government in regards to the Coronavirus. We are keeping updated with the Government’s latest recommended measures to keep pupils and staff safe. Public Health England (PHE) says coronavirus presents as: “Flu-like symptoms including a fever, a cough, or difficulty breathing.


A link to the information on the DfE website is below:

Although the risk to individuals remains low, and we have not had any issues within our Academy or the wider trust, as always the active involvement of the whole Academy community in maintaining good hygiene practices will be vital in minimising the chances of any potential viruses spreading. We have purchased additional hand soap and will increase access to hand washing facilities for students and staff.  Please encourage your child to wash their hands regularly at home and at school.

The Department of Health and Public Health England are advising extra precautions for people returning from a number of areas overseas and we will be following this guidance, which can be found here, along with a list of affected countries. If any members of your family, including students, visit any of the listed countries or are visited by people coming to the UK from these countries, they should follow the advice in the link above.

Public Health England Update

The Department for Education (DfE) have launched a new coronavirus (COVID-19) advice service for the education sector, including parents and carers.

Please see the details below:


0800 0468687