KS4 Revision

Students in KS4 will be sitting trial exams to aid in preparing them for their live examinations throughout their courses. Trial exam timetables are issued to students to support them with their revision.

Trial exams are marked using Question Level Analysis where the teachers go over each paper, placing the questions into themes/topics to review the Knowledge Gaps of the classes/individual students to help plan the upcoming lessons within the curriculum.

Students that don’t achieve within a given threshold of their target grade will be required to reset a paper after being provided intervention/support from their subject teachers via extra lessons, study & support or after-school sessions.

Throughout the year we will be publishing resources to support revision either via MS teams or below on our website therefore, keep checking back to ensure you are up to date with your revision material.

Personal Learning Checklists (PLCs)

Not sure what to revision? Need help understanding your Knowledge Gaps? Use a Personal Learning Checklist and bring it to study and support sessions to drive your progress!

At Haven, we have decided to use Personal Learning Checklists (PLCs) for the new 9-1 graded GCSEs.

Throughout the year we will be developing or publishing PLCs from our education partner PIXL therefore, please check here for new PLC resources as the year progresses.

These PLCs break down the content of the GCSEs into individual themes/topics/units/modules to support both students and parents in their understanding of the different courses being studied and what areas need to be learnt in more detail.

These materials offer an overview of the content being delivered in each subject. Students can review the PLCs and rate their confidence levels on each topic using the RAG rating below:

R – I need more revision on this topic.

A – I understand some of these elements but more revision needed

G – I feel comfortable with this topic and will be able to answer exam questions on it well. 

These PLCs will provide our students with a checklist to review their progress and aid revision planning by targetting their Knowledge Gaps.