The Rule of Law  

Sir Robert Peel was a British Conservative statesman who served twice as Prime Minister and twice as Home Secretary. 

He addressed the lack of organisation in the law enforcement and is regarded as the father of modern British policing as he founded the Metropolitan Police Service.  

He reformed and liberalised the criminal law in addition to being one of the founders of the modern Conservative Party. Laws or rules that bind all people living in a community they protect our general safety, and ensure our rights our citizens against abuses by others. We have rules in our Academy to help provide for our safety and ensure the efficient and effective running of our community. 

A Peel House Welcome

Pilgrim Hospital


Peel house’s charity is Pilgrim Hospital. A major focal point in Boston and, in recent times, at the forefront of the town when working against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone has a responsibility for their own health, but Pilgrim Hospital is also responsible for helping people to improve their health and wellbeing. Their role in preventing poor health and promoting healthy living is essential to reduce health inequalities and sustain the NHS for future generations.

At some point, we have all interacted with the hospital whether as a patient or as a visitor. You may even know somebody who works on one of the 20 plus wards it holds. Possibly a family member. Therefore, you will have experienced first hand, it’s importance and significance to the many people of Boston and the local areas.

Peel house has already supported the hospital by raising money during charity events. This money was used in supporting nurses on the COVID-19 wards, through the purchasing of lip balms and moisturising cream which are applied during and after shifts when wearing protective face masks.