Year 6 Summer School

Working in partnership with DISCOVERY SPORTS COACHING Haven High will be running a summer school for all year 6 students joining us in September during the first 2 weeks of the summer holiday.

This exciting opportunity is FREE and is a great way of making new friends, learning new skills, and getting to know our Academy values. 

Throughout the 2 weeks of summer school, students will be able to complete a range of activities both sport and academic-related. Some of the activities you will be able to take part in while at summer school are:

  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Sports
  • Creative Arts
  • Reading
  • Use of our new top of the range 3G Pitch
  • Bike Safety

Many more activities to be added by Discovery Sports Coaching at a later date. Are you excited yet?

You will also get the opportunity to meet staff from our Academy such as:

  • Pastoral Staff
  • Senior Leadership
  • Classroom teachers
  • Learning assistants

Why should you attend this summer school?

The biggest reason to attend this summer school is the new friendships you will develop with others joining the Academy. This will support with an even smoother first day at Haven.

You also get the opportunity to catch up with some academic work that aids in preparing you for your start at secondary school!

Are you interested in signing up for our summer school? Complete the form below and the team will get in touch closer to the time.