Each year we give all year 6 students joining us in September a copy of Rumblestar to read over the holiday. Reading is a key part of our culture at Haven High Academy and we would love to get your views on the book in September.

Each student will be given a special bookmark that can be used to track their reading progress. By scanning the QR code on the reading book you will update us on your progress and we will give you shoutouts and rewards as you go along.

If you have lost the bookmark you can update us using the form on this page.

If you would like to listen along to the book we have recorded some chapters for you on this page, we hope you enjoy.

Rumblestar is written by: Abi Elphinstone

If you would like to know more or check out other books by this author Click Here

(Optional) Transition Activities

We have worked with a range of different schools within our trust to produce a transition pack to get students ready for secondary school.

If you wish to complete parts or all of this booklet please feel free as it will aid in supporting you with your year 7 start at Haven. If you do complete activities come tell us in September and we will look at awarding you PRIDE points.