Haven High Academy Staff List

Mrs S. Wharff

Acting Headteacher

Mr J. Amaral

Deputy Headteacher

Mr A. Thompson

Deputy Headteacher

Mr M. Eyre

Senior Leader

Mrs F. Williams

Lead Behaviour Professional

Miss C. Wilkinson


Miss L. Heighton

Assistant Headteacher

Mr D. Bruce

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs E. Dutton

Director of Aspirations

Miss E. Firth

Community Officer

Each subject within the Academy is run by a Head of Faculty. The Head of Faculty carefully plans work with their team to plan a curriculum that gives you a breadth of knowledge and skills to support you in becoming a successful citizen of the future. You may see these staff coming in and out of your classrooms reviewing the quality of education within their subjects.

Mr M. Eyre

Head of Maths

Mrs N.Wilson

Head of English

Mrs R. Gibbins

Head of Science

Mrs T. Broadbridge

Head of Humanities 

Miss E. Green

Head of Music/Arts

Mr N. Bishop

Head of PE

Mrs E. McGarel

Head of Vocational Strand 1

Mr P. De Almeida Jarnalo

Head of Languages

Mrs E. Ladds-White

Head of Vocational Strand 2

The Pastoral Team are here to support you and your wellbeing. This great team of staff are here to support you throughout your time within the Academy. They will work with you, listen to you and will not afraid to tell you when you are making poor choices. Got any problems at school? Talk to the team and they will help you out.

Mrs H.Bates

Deputy Head of Year

Mrs C. Thornalley

Deputy Head of Year

Mrs N.Reeson

Additional Learning Faculty Manager

Miss C. Wilkinson


Mrs R. Ironmonger

Head of Year

Mr D. Hill

Head of Year

Miss T. Sargeant

Head of Year

Mr D. Hallam

Head of Year


Therapy Dog

The house system is a big part of our culture. Below is our head of house team you will see them often conducting events for their houses.

Join in! have fun! do something different!






Mrs. Simpson
Mr. Robinson
Mr Lyons
Mrs. Tabor
Mrs. Matson

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