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Home Learning

Knowledge Organisers

The requirements of GCSE courses have changed vastly over the past few years, with more emphasis being placed on final examinations and subject knowledge. Through a lot of research and review of the new examinations, Haven High Academy has decided it will implement an approach that supports students with their home learning called Knowledge Organisers as required.

Students will be given a pack of knowledge organisers that will contain all of the core knowledge that needs to be learnt that term through home learning. Students will be required to make notes and will be frequently tested on their understanding, to provide and identify the support to be provided as required.
We feel following this approach will provide students with the tools they need to achieve their goals within the academy when they are working from home.

MS Teams

Should it at any point be necessary for the school to return to remote education provision the academy would use a combination of online learning, including Microsoft Teams.

You can click the picture below and log into your Teams account using your school username and password: